Tuesday, 1 December 2015

God Gets The Glory, Not You

How are all you lovely people doing? I hope wonderful. I am fighting a cold right now but life is still good.
This morning I read my devotion like I do every morning and this was the Bible verse for it.
Colossians 3:17 - My Passion!:
Because of our sin nature we have this thing called pride. It kind of makes us boastful and makes us want people to look at us and to see what we have done but, that is wrong. Everything we do we are to lift God's name higher. He is to get credit. We are do His will with Him in mind to glorify. God saved you from eternal condemnation so you can do a little bit for Him by living and letting Him get the glory. Because say you gave money to someone, where did that money come from? God. Say you have the ability and talent to fix up houses so you help someone who has had some damage on their house, where you get that talent from? God. God gave you gifts spiritually and physically and what do you do with gifts? You use them usually for the purpose they are made for.
So, in whatever you do or say, make sure you aren't making everyone see how good and awesome you are, but how good and awesome God is.
God bless you all,



  1. Awesome!! God is so good to us and blesses us in so many ways. To God be the glory!

  2. God is Awesome and His Name is to be Praised.

  3. Yes! So true, we this is a great reminder to take our eyes off ourselves and look to Christ! God is so good!