Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Harry Connick Jr.

Hey guys, I am still living. I keep wanting to write, but I never know what to say. Then I remembered, I didn't start this blog just to write sermons all the time. We got to have some fun too.
If any of you know who Harry Connick Jr. is you will know he is not country. He is actually jazz. I personally love his music. It is so much fun and adds a skip in your step and for the most part it is pretty clean. The main part of this post is that, I AM GOING TO SEE HIM IN NASHVILLE IN JUNE AT THE RYMAN! My awesome grandma takes all of us grandkids on a trip anywhere we want to go in this world when we turn 16. I chose Nashville because of CMA Fest which involves lots of free concerts from awesome people, like Hunter, and plus, I love Nashville. We are also going to do a little road trip to New Orleans and Breaux Bridge which is where Hunter was born. While we are there Harry is doing a concert at the Ryman. Like, the classic Ryman, the original Grand Old Opry. Anyways, for people who know me, I love American Idol. And there is one judge that was favorite when they got him and that was Harry. Well I love Keith Urban too, but I have already known about him forever. I didn't realize right away that Harry was actually a singer and then my mom told me that he has been singing forever and that she used to always listen to his music. That threw me off because, I thought he was only like 30 years old... He is 48. Anyways, I searched up his music and totally got into it especially his new stuff which I am going to share with you guys.

This song, let me just tell you it is great. It makes you happy and you want to dance.

Where Prisoners Drown isn't a happy song, but I still want to dance to it.

This song starts out slow which made me almost not buy it. Then it got to the chorus, so make sure you give it a chance.
So, give these songs a listen. They are all from his album, That Would Be Me which is his newest one. I haven't bought the actual CD yet, but my birthday is coming up... *hint,hint family who reads this*... haha!
Go bless you all and have a great rest of this Tuesday,


  1. Rebekah, OMG how wonderful to be able to see Harry Connick Jr. I'm so excited for you. The whole trip sounds like a dream come true. And this is probably just one of many great memories of the whole time with your Grandma...LOL

  2. Love his stuff! It's so fun - especially the choruses! I bet that's gonna be one fantastical trip! :D

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