Saturday, 19 December 2015

Jesus Does The Miracles, Not People

I was listening to a radio station today and the DJ was talking about how Mother Teresa was going to become a saint next year because she had performed two miracles. Both were saving people from some disease. What is funny is that the miracles were performed 5 years after her death and it was her picture that performed it. Well I hate to break it to ya but, she didn't do that miracle.
The only one that perform miracles is God. No human has any miracle power in them. God might use people to perform the miracle but it isn't from that person. It doesn't matter if the miracle is big or small, it is from God. He might help you when you are a little short in money or by taking away the cancer that the doctors don't know what to do with.

Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.
Psalm 147:5

God is all powerful. Humans are not because we are not perfect in the least bit.
Yes there is miracles still today but, they aren't performed by humans and it doesn't matter who says what. Miracles are performed by God to draw us closer to Him and to show His great power.
I hope that made sense!
God bless you all


  1. True, true. It's amazing how blind people can be to the truth. Sometimes people want to put their trust in everything but God!

    1. And those type of people you just want to throw a Bible in their face but that won't help anything