Friday, 5 February 2016

You Can't Cover It

How are y'all doing? I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, but I couldn't find a good Bible verse to go with it. I hadn't prayed about it and so I did finally and I found a verse within seconds. Prayer works people!!!
At youth we have a annual thing we do. Banana night. Guys, I hate it but in some weird way I really enjoy it as well. All of the games revolve around bananas and so did the lesson.
For our Bible lesson first, we were all given a banana. We had to open it and cut it into 16 pieces. Once we had done all of that, we had to put it back together with toothpicks, painters tape, string and pipe cleaner. Sounds weird, right? I had no idea what we were going to learn.

But we are all like an unclean thing,
And all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags;
We all fade as a leaf,
And our iniquities, like the wind,
Have taken us away.

Isaiah 64:6

We have all sinned. I think I have mentioned that a few times now. Anyways, sin ruins us. Even after we become a Christian we still sin because we aren't perfect. You can try to cover it all up and sometimes you might foul some people, but they don't know what is on the inside of you. "You can't judge a book by it's cover." That quote, to me, can be used to speak of good for people and bad. Some people are the nicest things ever and you can't picture them doing anything wrong. The truth is, they are a sinner just like you. Some of the bananas that were put back together looked really good. But all the mush and slime on the inside was not nice at all. You can never hide your sin, and you can never truly fix it. God will forgive you, because once you are saved you are forgiven of all sin. You don't sin for the fun of it though. Because being a Christian is you becoming more and more like Christ everyday. You can't stop yourself from sinning but you can choose right more often. Like, you can choose to cover the truth or just tell the truth. You can say no to a party you know is not going to be good rather than saying yes. So choose right more and more so that there are less bruises on you and less mush inside.
God bless you all,


  1. Definitely one of my favourite posts! Banana night sounds like quite the occasion, haha! But there's definitely a great lesson here to be learned. :)

  2. I agree Sarah-Lynn. This is one of my favourite posts to. Good one Rebekah and all so true.