Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sweet 16

Hello to all of my dear followers and readers. How have you all been? I hope the weather at your places has been as nice as ours!
This is super late but hey, am I not know for late blog post or what!? Friday, the 25th of March, I turned 16.

You can't really see my cake, but it is an ice cream one with chocolate swirls on top.
Also you might see that browning deer head on a circle. Well that is a dart board from my brother Jacob. It is from the garbage dump, but it is in awesome condition!
Because I turned 16 my lovely parents let me wear make-up now. So my mom took me to Shopper's Drug Mart for a free make over. The lady did a great job and made it super fun for me. Afterwards, we went to Subway for lunch and then to DQ to get my cake.

On our way to Shopper's we had to drive past my friend's house because she said I had to. We didn't have to stop, but this drive past. So, we did.
Unless if you have great eye sight you probably won't see what it says. What is does say is, 'Happy 16th birthday Becky'.

 Then once we got home I got to finally open up my presents.
My parents got me 16 gifts which was pretty cool. I can't name all of what I got, but some of the things were a rodeo finale ticket for our stampede, an adult coloring book, American money for my Nashville trip, Harry Connick Jr.'s new CD, and other little things. My brother, Ben, got me the new Tim Neufeld CD which I thought I would never get because I could never find it. Jacob got me the dart board as you already know and also Chicago Mix popcorn. If you have never had that stuff, I recommend you go to the store right now, find it, buy it, and then eat the whole bag in two seconds. It really is that good. My friends that put up the sign for me got me a gift that was really creative. It was a picnic basket with a cute shirt, a blanket, a coloring book with pencil crayons, and food, of course, in it. What they wanted me to do with it is to go on a date, but the thing is that I am not going on a date anytime time soon. It was still a pretty cool gift. The last gift I got that I think is the coolest gift EVER is from my friend in Ontario. I seriously never in my life thought I would ever get Hunter Hayes as a gift. Well, I did!
This is blurry so you don't get the whole effect! Anyways, she drew this though and it is amazing! Right when I saw it I said, "This is the picture is from the Grammys." And I was right.
I will seriously treasure the picture the rest of my life. I still need to find a frame for it though.
It was a great birthday! I was spoiled like crazy.
I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for reading.
God bless,


  1. Rebekah. It looks like you had the most awesome 16th! You are truly Blessed and truly a Blessing to all!

  2. Wow looks like a real fun day! You look older with makeup too :)